Monday, July 03, 2006

Radical Leftists Needs GOP

Because somehow or another, NJ budget woe's are the fault of the Republicans. Where's Newt when Leftist twits need a scapegoat?

Friday, June 30, 2006

Sorry about the hiatus. Last September I had several hundred dollars worth of plumbing fixtures stolen from a locked house. I declared at that moment that I would devote my spare time to getting out of the construction trades in search of a career that isn't experiencing the slide to a Third World lifestyle. I have now begun that quest in earnest and as a result, two jobs have limited my ability to keep this blog up to date.

Things should settle back to a more normal routine after Thursday of next week. Thanks for your patience through my transitional period.

Before I go, I want to give a little coverage to an event which occurred last week.

This illegal killed at least 15 people and raped God-only-knows how many women. He was put to death by lethal injection in Texas. I don't think lethal injection is cruel or unusual enough for this piece of dogsh*t. I guess he gets a pass since he is an illegal from Mexico, that is, not an OTM (other than Mexican). As we know, Mexicans have more rights than other immigrants and native citizens.

If he'd only killed 14 people, illegal Mexican alien Angel Maturino Resendiz would have received only a $50 fine. The rapes are a privilege extended to illegal Mexicans by the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush Administrations.

Hey! There's a good reason to make illegals actual citizens: law enforcement might actually treat them the way the rest of us are treated.

You open borders folks are welcome to use any ideas I come up with in your letters to editors or on other blogs. This stuff is pure gold!

It's at least as good as anything you loons have come up with.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I think this feller has finally gone off the deep end. It's time for Dhimmicrats to send Murtha home. He belongs on the front porch shaking his fist at no-good teenagers.

“Experience proves that the man who obstructs a war in which his nation is engaged, no matter whether right or wrong, occupies no enviable place in life or history. Better for him, individually, to advocate war, pestilence, and famine than to act as obstructionist to a war already begun.”—U. S. Grant in his Personal Memoirs

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In a Different Era...

...Robert Pastor would have been considered a traitor. In the 21st Century, he gets paid to plot the destruction of the United States.

When do we finally get tired of this BS?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Any Other Day...

...the Colorado dailies would have written a nice puff piece about Jesus Alonso Ochoa-Gomez. The self-described "pastor" helped between 15 and 20 people at a "safe house" he rented at 912 Havana St. in Aurora. A Denver church even referred needy people to Ochoa-Gomez. Yes, he is a true man of virtue.

That's what they would have said about him before last week. The story today is that illegal alien Jesus Alonso Ochoa-Gomez kidnapped and held a 20-year-old man against his will, and sexually assaulted him for over 10 days in a Lochbuie trailer he rented with his six-months pregnant wife.

This preventable crime needn't have happened had it not been for the sanctuary policies of cities in Colorado. Illegal alien Ochoa-Gomez could have been stopped at the border, to be certain, but he also could have been deported for any of the other crimes he has committed since 1991, like shoplifting, DUI, fraud, larceny, criminal trespass (not the good kind: border-hopping), disturbing the peace, and assault.

God only knows what is going to happen to Ochoa-Gomez's wife and unborn child, but one thing is certain, all three of them will be citizens of the United States when illegal alien Ochoa-Gomez gets out of jail (assuming he goes). Let me be the first to welcome him as a new citizen. I hope illegal alien Ochoa-Gomez finds a nice home next to an open-border advocate for his "needy" friends and his fighting roosters.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Republican Congresswoman Receives Democratic "Talking Points"

Strangely, Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave had the Democrats strategy for the upcoming elections hand-delivered, and sealed with a kiss, by a Democrat operative.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

***NEWS ALERT*** AMNESTY IN ! ! President Already Assimilated

Bush made the announcement just a few hours ago in Omaha, Nebraska.

Bush visited a community center that offers English and other classes along with business startup help. He also announced he was creating a new task force to encourage such efforts around the country and an Office of Citizenship within the Department of Homeland Security to promote the responsibilities and rights of American citizens.

Debbie Schlussel has the inside tip.

See, ya don't need a Congress to create a task force. Yep, the Office of Citizenship is gonna assimilate all those darned illegals no matter how much it costs or how long it takes. The first things that the Office of Citizenship should tackle are the health issues:

-In the First World, people leave their farm animals outside the human domicile. It was recently discovered that farm animals defecate where they happen to be standing at the time. Discovered even more recently is that feces is dirty.

-In the First World, we have built facilities to handle human waste, even the toilet paper. There is no need to throw used toilet paper in the sink or urinal, or to leave it piled up on the floor beside the WC.

-In the First World, we throw our trash in receptacles designed to hold it. We call these receptacles "trash cans".

I think that if the Office of Citizenship can successfully conquer these three all too common cultural differences, they might be able to tackle something bigger. Maybe they could teach our new citizens that not everybody likes mariachi music, and even fewer like the static-riddled AM versions that are most often preferred by our new countrymen.

The President continues,
"One aspect of making sure we have an immigration system that works, that's orderly and fair, is to actively reach out and help people assimilate into our country," Bush said in a speech at a local community college. "That means to learn the values and history and language of America."
Uuuhhh, yeah, sure. Is not breaking the law one of our values? Many people who have lived here their whole lives don't have a clue about U.S. history, and you think we are going to teach a 35-year-old border-hopper who the hell Myles Standish is? And why would any need to learn the language? There are TV and radio stations, newspapers, and businesses who cater solely to the Latino market. Most government services offer bilingual support. Hell, we have schools that teach brown separatism.

We won't even waste time on the notion that there will be "an immigration system that works, that's orderly and fair,...". I couldn't even type it without laughing.

Bush later gave a demonstration on how to be assimilated,
The president may have undermined that message somewhat while at the Juan Diego Center, as he joined in a class preparing students for their U.S. citizenship tests. Though the instructor addressed students in English, Bush mostly chose their native Spanish to greet and quiz them. When the students couldn't answer his question, how many father-son duos have served as president, Bush explained in Spanish that there have been two, the Bushes and "Juan Adams y su hijo Juan Q."

May have? Somewhat? Thank goodness the last quote was cut and paste. I laughed so hard my martini shot out my nose. Pity, it was damned good vodka. A healthy snort saved my olives though.