Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Major Dailies Down the Drain

The Outlander has a post on the declining circulation numbers of the major daily newspapers across the nation, and that USA Today enjoys the highest circulation of the lot.

I don't know what is more sad: that the major dailies are politically tone deaf, or that USA Today is the most widely read newspaper.

I have stopped calling the mass media "mainstream" because the mainstream is decidedly to the right of most major news outlets. Though a mass media outlet, I consider FOX mainstream, and I think The Washington Times is more mainstream (though maybe a little right) than the NYT (which is considerably left). For sure there are other factors that contribute to this decline - I went a week w/o internet assess and felt ignorant vis-a-vis current events - but there is still no acknowledgement by these newspapers, like the Denver Post, that there is an obvious Leftist bias in the mass media, and that this bias has alienated the majority of their potential audience.

As for USA Today, this is the fault of the public school bureaucracy and its insane belief that high self-esteem is more important than high educational standards. Equality of outcomes becomes more important than equality of opportunity, and easiest way to achieve that goal is to lower the standards. Once this becomes the "mindset", low standards is all that is expected, or achieved.


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